Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Music List:
1. Blue Cycles (Feat. Okou)
2. Trading Eights
3. Interlope
4. This Could Be The Start Of Something (Feat. Mark Murphy)
5. Straight Up
6. Three Corners
7. Case Study (Feat Okou)
8. Lighthouse
9. Before We Say Goodbye (Feat. Mark Murphy)
10. Unsquare Bossa
11. Devil Kicks
12. Jamming (With Mr. Hoagland) (Feat. Mark Murphy)
13. Three Corners (Nicola Conte's Sahib Samba Version) (Japanese Bonus Track)
14. Devil Kicks (Sumo-On-Wheels Remix) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Lautala Markus O (Helsinki, Finland)
The Five Corners Quintet is a Helsinki-based postmodern jazz outfit influenced by early sixties straight ahead and latin jazz. Led by producer Tuomas Kallio the Five Corners Quintet is a new extension of the highly acclaimed Nuspirit Helsinki collective.

The Five Corners Quintet has made an fabulous first album featuring Mark Murphy and Okou. The quintet members are the top players from Finland, including drummer Teppo Mäkynen who has been voted the best drummer in Finland for several years. I have listened this record so many times , that I lost count. I wasn't much into Jazz before, but after this album I found an keen interest. I also went to see them live at Flow '05 festival where the atmosphere was more alike rave than jazz and crowd demanded several encores. This album is worth every cent!

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